Oheyart Tattoo

My tattoo books are now open for consultations and appointments through the end of November in Baltimore, MD at (Illusions).

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Please read and understand the notes below so you can be one step closer to getting the tattoo you so desire!

  • You must be 18+ with valid ID book an appointment
  • A deposit is REQUIRED to officially book your appointment
  • After submitting an inquiry, you will be contacted within the week to confirm the status of your inquiry. If accepted, you will be contacted with a booking link to select & confirm your appointment date and time.
  • At least 48 hours notice is required for a change of appointment or cancelation without forfeiting your deposit.
  • My minimum price is $150 (unless i’m running a flash special.) If you are working with a budget, I am open to working with you in most cases, don’t be afraid to bring it up!
  • I reserve the right to reject any inquiry; submitting a form does not mean you booked an appointment.

Booking a Custom Design?

  • Currently prioritizing requests in the following vein:
    1. Flora and fauna
    2. Anime/cartoon blackwork
    3. Minimalist linework Illustration
  • I will not be accepting the following requests at this time:
    • Script/text
    • Sleeves
    • Face Tattoos
    • Oral Placements
    • Cover Ups
    • Touch ups (on work that is not mine)

Booking a Flash Design?

  • please add the flash sheet name and reference letter or number to the tattoo description box of your inquiry
  • prices and size margins are predetermined, open to various placements unless otherwise specified.
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  • A NONREFUNDABLE $50-$100 Deposit is REQUIRED to book appointment. (always applied to the total balance of tattoo) . Your deposit goes toward your consultation or custom design, and reserves your appointment date and time. ‘Small’ and Flash- $50; ‘Medium’- $70; ‘Large’- $100
    !!! If you don’t pay a deposit, your appointment will not be reserved or held! !!!
  • Have your deposit ready when you send your inquiry! I only accept deposits through the booking link that will be sent to confirm your appointment.

(please allow up to 7 days for a reply before re-inquiring. Thanks!)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or DM on instagram!