Snakes #WIP


I was wandering through Instagram’s explore feed, and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful serpentine creatures. Corey Woods Reptile Instagram page is a beautiful display of snakes. They are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, often being arranged by color and pattern intensity.



Don’t fake it…You Won’t Make it- Giving credit to artists and preventing art theft

Say you are scrolling your timeline on Instagram and you spot a painting that somebody you follow painted. You really like the image. So much that you decide that you want to repost the image to your page to show all of your followers. You do just that but fail to @ the artist in your post. Why is that an issue??

That is an issue because you failed to give credit to the artist! In this post, I will talk about giving proper credit to artists, avoiding art theft and plagiarism, and what to do to prevent it.

Give POC and WOC the credit they deserve!!!!

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Art by Frances Cannon



Richmond,VA- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Wall Drawing #231 by Sol LeWitt

This past Friday I took a visit to Richmond, VA to go visit VCU. I am highly interested in their Graduate program at the VCU Brandcenter so I set up a meeting with one of the admissions counselors. She was so sweet and the school was gorgeous. The weather was absolutely perfect.

When we were finished, I suggested to my mom that we go visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts while we had some free time. So here are some of the highlights from our museum visit! I will be making some art based on the inspiration I got from the many many beautiful and historical pieces we saw.


Grammys Album Cover of the Year

Cover art plays more of an important role than many may initially think.  It is usually the first image you recall when thinking about a song, and the visual representation of what the album really means to the Artist.

Adele’s album 25 received the award for Album of the Year last night at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Adele during her speech gave praise to BeyoncĂ© and her visual album Lemonade. Others in the category included Drake, Sturgill Simpson, and Justin Bieber.

Let’s take an inside look at the cover art for the Grammys Album of the Year Nominations to see who deserves the title of Best Album Cover of the Year.