Snakes #WIP


I was wandering through Instagram’s explore feed, and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful serpentine creatures. Corey Woods Reptile Instagram page is a beautiful display of snakes. They are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, often being arranged by color and pattern intensity.



This image in particular really inspired me to create something to honor these pythons natural beauty and appeal.

I started working on a painting inspired by the drawing above. I came up with the idea to do my painting on 19in x 24in clear polyester film. I had bought a whole pack of it for a class project and figured I could do some exploration with it. I am using Black, White, and Bronze colored paint from Blick. I posted a picture of my progress so far:

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#wip reference: @coreywoodsreptile 🐍

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Stay tuned for the finished product! I’ll try to finish in the next week.



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