Inspo II

I want to spotlight a few artists who have recently inspired me with their work.

Darius Moreno


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Darius Moreno is a freelance artist who grew up in the DMV. He works with oils and acrylics to create stunningly expressive and colorful portraits. He recently did the album cover for GoldLink’s album ‘At What Cost’, which has really been getting the spotlight from places like The Fader and Noisy. I’ve been a fan for a few years so it is great to see him getting some much-deserved attention.


Snakes #WIP


I was wandering through Instagram’s explore feed, and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful serpentine creatures. Corey Woods Reptile Instagram page is a beautiful display of snakes. They are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, often being arranged by color and pattern intensity.



Inspo I

I want to spotlight a few artists who have recently inspired me with their work.

Green girl done by me with Copic markers and Pigma Micron pens.

Minnie Small

New painting 🌄💁🏾💅🏾👸🏾#art

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Minnie’s use of brush pens and gouache and watercolor paints has really inspired me to find my own style of art. Her videos on youtube are so well made and the content always inspires me to create. It is so inspiring to see another young black woman out here being great.



My Art Journey Part 1

Lots of people ask me how I first got into art, and even more specifically, the digital stuff like Photoshop and Illustrator. So I will give you a more personal and in-depth look at how I got my skills to where they are today. Let’s start with part 1.

*Both portraits that are in the featured image were done by me back in 2011 using my Bamboo Fun Tablet



Richmond,VA- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Wall Drawing #231 by Sol LeWitt

This past Friday I took a visit to Richmond, VA to go visit VCU. I am highly interested in their Graduate program at the VCU Brandcenter so I set up a meeting with one of the admissions counselors. She was so sweet and the school was gorgeous. The weather was absolutely perfect.

When we were finished, I suggested to my mom that we go visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts while we had some free time. So here are some of the highlights from our museum visit! I will be making some art based on the inspiration I got from the many many beautiful and historical pieces we saw.