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I want to spotlight a few artists who have recently inspired me with their work.

Green girl done by me with Copic markers and Pigma Micron pens.

Minnie Small

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New painting 🌄💁🏾💅🏾👸🏾#art

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Minnie’s use of brush pens and gouache and watercolor paints has really inspired me to find my own style of art. Her videos on youtube are so well made and the content always inspires me to create. It is so inspiring to see another young black woman out here being great.


Grace Passerotti

Grace is on expert gouache painter. Her illustrations range from fun and cute to creepy and gory, but no matter what the subject she has an amazing way of making her composition explode with color.


Tim Biskup

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#timbiskup #iseefaces

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Tim’s complex color and design concepts are so visually pleasing to me. His work has a fresh modern-retro aesthetic that uses both organic and geometric lines, shapes, and forms.



MLKBBI is an independent brand created by Justin Wallis. His simple character illustrations and creative product designs are too cute to resist! I have been a fan for years and even have the MILKBBI backpack!


Little Thunder

Little Thunder is a Comic Book artist from Hong Kong who does ink and watercolor portraits. She specifically enjoys illustrating girls pole dancing and even created a book called The Blister Exists. The book contains a collection of illustrations of various pole poses. Her work inspires me to improve my anatomy skills.


I hope you get inspired by these amazing artists as much as I have! Let me know who YOU are inspired by!

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