Inspo II

I want to spotlight a few artists who have recently inspired me with their work.

Darius Moreno

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Darius Moreno is a freelance artist who grew up in the DMV. He works with oils and acrylics to create stunningly expressive and colorful portraits. He recently did the album cover for GoldLink’s album ‘At What Cost’, which has really been getting the spotlight from places like The Fader and Noisy. I’ve been a fan for a few years so it is great to see him getting some much-deserved attention.


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Rahm is a NYC based artist who does very stylized portraits that seem to glow with energy. His use of lines and color to create human forms is so inspiring. I would love to get a hold of some of his original work.

Matt Layzell

Matt Layzell works along with his brother Paul to create fun illustrations and animations. Matt likes to create quirky fashion shots of illustrated models that often make me laugh out loud. His signature character: Dolphin Boy.

Nuri Durr

Nuri Durr, aka Action Hank Beard, uses Copic markers to illustrate super expensive versions of all of your favorite throwback cartoon characters. He is a copic marker master and I would love to see move videos about his technique.

Stolen Computer

Stolen Computer‘s digital portraits look eerily like real paintings. Detail is created using strategically placed brush strokes in different colors that come together to form the image as a whole. Many are even printed and framed. Beautiful work.

Paper Frank

Paper Frank, a visual artist from Atlanta, is definitely one of my favs. He creates Beautifully colorful illustrations, murals, Tattoos, and paintings that are identifiable by the pink and yellow flowers and tigers present in most of his creations. He also has original characters that are commonly the subject of his art.

I hope you enjoyed this round of Inspo! Stay tuned for more in the future


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