New Supplies: Uni-POSCA Paint Markers

My family got me a bunch of beautiful POSCA Paint Markers for my birthday! I’m super excited to experiment with them and create something new!

Uni-POSCA paint markers are non-toxic water-based acrylic markers that can be used on all surfaces. These markers are widely known and trusted by many artists. Lots of Graffiti artists favor these paint markers, such as Oskunk.

I have 4 types of makers: Extra Fine 12 set, Fine 15 set, Medium 15 set, Bold 15 set

  • 12 colors includes : red, orange, yellow, pale green, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, and black
  • 15 colors includes: white, light blue, gray, brown, orange, peach, light orange, yellow, pale green, purple, blue, green, pink, red, and black

Here is a link to Amazon where you can purchase the same set.


Image from Jacksons Art 
Doodles by Kay Gasei

When I get new supplies, the first thing I do is look up youtube videos on how to best use my supplies. Here are some videos that I watched during my research.

I can’t wait to create something wth these beautifully pigmented markers! If you have any suggestions on what I should create, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email! I would love some inspiration.




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