Pink Lemonade

I used my new Posca markers to make this cute piece. The weather was so nice out all week it made me want some lemonade.

The markers are great and the range of sizes makes it easy to create bold lines and tiny details. I love how solid the colors come out. So crisp, clean, and refreshing… just like pink lemonade!

Check out my previous post for more about the Uni-POSCA Markers


~ Oheylil

Snakes #WIP


I was wandering through Instagram’s explore feed, and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful serpentine creatures. Corey Woods Reptile Instagram page is a beautiful display of snakes. They are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, often being arranged by color and pattern intensity.



Political Portraits I

Featured image is entitled A Tear by Lydia Corbett (yours truly)

Artists have the amazing ability to inject their own personal opinions and beliefs into their artwork.

Let’s take a look at some politically influenced artwork and its creators to see what artists today have to say about the current state of affairs in the United States.